During the Omnipotent Zenon Empire's mining campaigns, the Zenolian species raided Shoqia as punishment for Shoqia's act of creating a small rebel band to (try to) prevent the Zenon Empire from attacking other worlds for their personal uses. A Hell in One Single Bomb was a poem written by a survivor of the Shoquins who happened to be watching the battle from afar.

A Hell In One Single Bomb

Was it possible;
A hell in one single bomb;

Where demons come;
And torment all;

Aye, that was what the Shoquins thought;
They who fought and thrived;
Hoping beyond hope;
That the next day They would be alive;

And the Shoquins fought gallantly;
But with gallant was perfection;
And it was Zenolians indeed, a trillion steps ahead, that fought perfectly;
Even before the beginning, the Shoquins knew They were already annihilated;

And so I watched;
In my dreams;
Watching Them die;
Watching Them Scream.

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